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The Free Market Road Show 2017

Started in 2008 in Europe, the Free Market Road Show brings together renowned economists, leading politicians and prominent business leaders every year to discuss current economic problems and possible solutions at a variety of venues. It also provides unparalleled networking opportunities for participants and those within the free market movement, with exclusive events such as cocktail receptions and dinners with top opinion leaders and decision makers.

Since initiation of the Free Market Road Show hundreds of speakers from around the world have been involved, who reached thousands of participants. In 2016, the Free Market Road Show® exceeded all previous attendance records and eventually went to the US. This year, it promises to be even bigger and better — with many new cities, more speakers and a growing list of participants.

My special thanks go to our sponsors and partners. Without their active support, our team’s endeavors would be without success.

Dr. Barbara Kolm
Executive Director
Free Market Road Show